Abandoned & Rare Shops

Abandoned & Rare Shops. Camera: Zorki 1, Film: Kodak 200.

Abandoned & Rare Shops

The Story

Gems of Decay in Israel and Austria. Captured with Zorki 1 and Nikon FE.

Abandoned shops belong to the face of our cities and villages like their busy siblings. It is their special charme of slow decay, which attracts the passerby even decades after their heydays.

Together with those almost outdated, rare shops of manufacturers and handcrafters, they stir nostalgic feelings, glacing rays of forgotten times and lost places. It is the timelessness in a world where time is defined by speed, that makes these abandoned or rare to find places so special to us.

In a vivid and speedy city like Tel Aviv in Israel, getting “outdated” can sometimes be a process of just a few months. What a contrast to a countryside village in Austria, where today’s abandoned places were full of life and vivid business in my childhood days, decades ago.

The gas station where Dad and Grandpa used to send me with a five liter can for gasoline for the mowing machine. The workshop where we bought some of my first pairs of skies. The small, one-room grocery store where I often had been with Grandma.

It’s these short but colorful glimpses from a distant past which put life again into these abandoned, wasted and decayed places and fill them with the unforgettable smell of our childhood days. Just for the glimpse of an eye. But that’s enough for a short moment of rememberings, taking out the scene from space and time for a nostalgic waltz with the past.


Zorki 1 with Jupiter-8 f.2/50mm, Nikon FE


Kodak Tri-X, Kodak 200 (Color Film)


Graz, Austria .Tel Aviv, Israel. Breitenau am Hochlantsch, Austria.

Abandoned & Rare Shops


Gems of Decay in Israel and Austria. Captured with Zorki 1 and Nikon FE.


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