Photo Licenses

There are 2 standard plans available:



Personal Use
  • Free for personal use
  • non-commercial
  • copyright credit needed

Free download for usage on private, non-commercial websites or prints. The longest side is max. 1000px. You have to add a copyright information “Wood & Vintage Analog” with a link to this blog or some specific post on this blog.


Commercial Blog

  • business and commercial websites
  • no copyright credit needed

For usage on business and commercial websites. The longest side of the photo is max. 1000px. No copyright information needed.

Not big enough?

Higher Resolution Photos

If you need higher resolutions for web or print, please contact me.

Why I am asking you to do so? See it like this: I am happy if you like my pictures. For your private usage or your personal, non-commercial blog you can use as many of them as you like. I’m absolutely fine with that. All I am asking you is to respect the passion, time (and also money) I invested in my photos.

Film photography is not like digital. I buy the film. I buy the chemistry for developing the film and sacrifice time to process the negatives. Then I scan the negatives or even go back to my darkroom again to make the prints (with additional photo chemistry). As you can imagine – it’s quite time consuming. I love to do it. Some people do Yoga, I do film. That’s my creed. All I’m asking you is to be honest and give that little bit respect: A credit with a link on your personal blog or some bucks for your commercial project.

It’s film. It’s different – and so are you, my analog friend!

The Analog Panda

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