Film Photography FAQ

A (growing) collection of questions I’m often asked when it comes to film photography and analog film cameras. 

Why Film Photography?

Why not? It’s about the process. It’s special. It’s fun. It’s film.

Which camera is the best for film photography?

The one which you have at hand when you need it. Honestly. Period.

Which Film for Street Photography?

That’s a question I’m often asked. Honestly, there’s no ultimate answer. I love the classics: Kodak Tri-X. Together with Rodinal Developer it gives that grainy dynamics which formed our traditional view on classical street photography. In general the best film is the one that you have in your pocket when you need it.

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Public Laundry. Camera: Nikon FE. Film: Kodak Tri-X 400 @ 3200. Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.
The Analog Panda

Public Laundry, Tel Aviv.

Shadows of people passing by flying into the wet darkness, the shrill and glaring lights of a car here and there tearing apart the night for some seconds, jumping up and down the wet walls, throwing abstract shadows on the silhouettes of the decayed buildings on this part of HaYarkon.

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